BridgeSol- The most trusted name for IT, Document Management and Security solutions

BridgeSol is one of the leading enterprises in the UAE known for its impeccable IT, Document Management and Security solutions. The company has been catering to several small & medium enterprises by helping them achieve greater efficiency in their business processes. The solutions offered by BridgeSol are targeted at bringing efficiency in various business activities then be it related to the content, human resources or security of the organization. Some of the highly demanded products manufactured by BridgeSol include eBiziiMS –EDMS software, Android based mobile application and biometric solutions. The company has also recently launched its request management system and hospital information management system. To know more about these systems visit without any delay.


BridgeSol- A leading IT solution provider in UAE

A leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Security solutions provider, BridgeSol has created a name for itself in the industry. Be it the superior quality products, impeccable solutions or the dedicated customer service the company stands high on all.  BridgeSol has been catering to a large number of small and medium enterprises by delivering extensive and simple to use solutions for better management of various business related processes and activities. Their products which are primarily marketed under the name eBiz products are built on open standard architecture offering features and functionalities that enable organizations in becoming operationally efficient.

The company offers a whole range of products i.e. eBiziiMS- Integrated Information Management System & eBizTMS- Workforce Time Management System, eBizCCMS- Customer complaint management system, MTMS – Mobile Time Management System, MexS – Mobile Exchange services and many more custom developed mobile applications! Owing to the architecture and precise developmental methodologies the products of BridgeSol guarantee robustness, high performance, scalability and reliability. The organization provides products under three main categories namely- Enterprise content Management solutions, Security Solutions and Mobile Solutions.

The company has also assisted several organizations in improving their security systems by providing Biometric based Door Access control, Time Attendance and related Smart card and CCTV solutions. Their Customer complaint management system is best suited for better and effective management of customer complaints, which fits into any business or industry be it Retail or utilities service provider. BridgeSol specializes in providing industry specific solutions to a multitude of industries like Retail, Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Government, Financial Services, Human Resources, Construction and Legal. The company also engages itself in custom software development to suit specific requirements of a client. The customized solutions help in integrating business processes specific to an enterprise and supplying chain efficiency. All the software and solutions offered by BridgeSol are targeted at increasing the productivity and reducing operational costs with true enterprise intelligence. These have been designed keeping in mind the need of the current times and modern day concerns related to efficiency, corporate governance & security.

Other solutions offered by the company include a PC Power Management System which is known for its high functionality and measurable results best suitable for organizations who wants to show their CSR commitments by way of cutting on carbon emissions with very minimal effort!  The mission of the organization is to provide comprehensive IT, document management and security solutions that can greatly empower the client organizations. The vision which motivates BridgeSol to move forward is to proactively develop innovative products & services addressing growing needs of the Digital Information World (DIW).

A highly appreciable factor of BridgeSol is its ethical conduct and the high moral values on which the company stands. The firm is known for its honesty, integrity and fairness in relationships with the patrons as well as employees and shareholders. The team at BridgeSol comprises adept and highly dedicated professionals who strive to work for the success of the company. Being a socially responsible corporate, BridgeSol does every bid possible for the environment and has also developed green initiatives for offices. To know more about the company, visit

Latest mobile solutions can help your business grow

Mobile phones are the most potent tools available at the hands of mankind today. From conversations to entertainment and professional work, mobile phones are used for all purposes. Their portability and integration of various media into one compact device make them the gadgets of the time. Nowadays mobile solutions are available in the market that can help in taking control of various business processes and activities. With over 65%+ Android based devices in the market, these solutions are best suitable for managing & automating business process in an enterprise effectively and efficiently. To know more about reliable mobile solutions, visit

Preserve the valuable data of your organization with EDMS software offered by BridgeSol

As per the statistics large organizations lose a document every twelve seconds which implies .67 per cent of data loss for the company. Business workers are also known to misfile 2-7 per cent of all records as confirmed by several researches. If you wish to save your organization from such blunders then it is time that you opt for suitable enterprise content management software. BridgeSol as a leading developer & supplier of content management software brings forth its eBiziiMS – EDMS software. This software is built on open standard architecture offering features and functionalities that enable organizations in becoming operationally efficient and effective.

Managing your enterprise well is now easy with the latest IT solutions

Managing the different activities related to an enterprise has now become quite easy all thanks to the latest IT solutions. Right from enterprise content management to safety & security of an organization, solutions are available for all. To preserve your valuable company data and manage it well you can make use of the EDMS software. Biometric based time attendance for efficient management of workforce with web based software provides highest level of precision. To combat the ever growing security concerns an organization can opt for door access control systems. For the best IT solutions in UAE, log on to

Ensure better safety in your office premises with BridgeSol’s security solutions

In today’s time security and compliance issues have grown in concern tremendously. To ensure adequate safety within and around your office premises you require robust security solutions that can prevent unauthorized access and undesirable elements from having access to your office or information. BridgeSol is a highly reputed IT solutions company in UAE that presents a wide range of security solutions comprising Biometric Solutions, CCTV solutions, Smart card solutions and door access control systems. The company also engages in custom software development. Know more at

BridgeSol: A leading name in Enterprise Content Management, security and mobile solutions in Dubai!

The importance of internal functionalities in organizations has transformed quite a lot. Whatever the size of the company might be, it is absolutely essential to have clearly defined systems and processes in place. Right from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to green initiatives for offices, for a company to truly become streamlined, stress needs to be laid on all such concepts. In this regard, a number of companies have started providing top quality solutions to enterprises in the domain of information management or data management. And not just document management, but, companies have also started offering exceptional security solutions to make the overall surveillance platform of offices, flawless. The Dubai based BridgeSol is one such company that has been at the apex of providing the best in document management software, Android software, mobile solutions, security solutions and much more.

Backed by a team of highly skilled and talented professionals, BridgeSol has managed to serve the needs of a vast array of clients who are based in Dubai and other regions. As you might have already gauged, one of the more crucial products provided by the company is the ECM software. Within ECM software, they have the eBiziiMS that is further sub-divided into four important modules: eBizARCHIVE (for records management), eBizFLOW (for workflow management), eBizCOM (for correspondence management) and eBizDAM (for digital asset management). The whole concept of eBiziiMS is to solidify information flow within the organizational environment. Moreover, the multi-user support functionality makes the entire security system framework faultless.

Apart from document management, mobile solutions offered by them have also been widely appreciated. Within this domain, the company provides two seamless and affordable solutions namely the Mobile Time Management System (MTMS) and Mobile Exchange Service (MeXS). While the former is designed to track staff on the go, the latter is a robust application to boost the business. Furthermore, BridgeSol is also engaged in offering immaculate security solutions that includes biometric solutions, smart card solutions, time attendance solutions, door access control etc. If you wish to install only the most sophisticated security equipment in your office, then you can rely on BridgeSol to fulfill your requirements. All in all, it is safe to say that BridgeSol is a one-stop destination to meet your internal organizational needs in an effective and well thought out manner.

Overtime, BridgeSol has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the industry thanks to the exquisite customer service offered by their customer reps. Ask any of their customers and they will tell you exactly what makes them such a strong force in the industry. Moreover, their relationship with their key partners is also renowned for being extremely trustworthy. For more details about the company and their products, you can be sure to visit