Bridge Sol continues to provide impeccable Document Management and Security Solutions to different industries

BridgeSol is a well trusted name in the field of IT solutions. The company is known for its impeccable IT, Document management and Security solutions that empower enterprises to take better control of their operations. Catering to different industrial segments including Logistic & Transportation, Human Resources, Education, Healthcare, Government, Financial Service, Construction and Legal, the company has created a huge client base for itself by delivering products & services that are second to none. The company is also counted among the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution providers with its extensive yet simple to use solutions.

BridgeSol brings forth a range of high-end ECM solutions, Security Solutions, Mobile applications, Time attendance and Biometric Solutions. All the software solutions developed by the company are targeted at helping the enterprises gain better control over their operations, increase productivity and reduce the operational costs. The sophisticated products developed by the company are marketed by the name eBiziiMS, eBizCCMS, eBizRMS, eBizTMS,eBizPPMS, eBizCSTS etc– and are built on open standard architecture. BridgeSol has assisted several of its clients companies in effective enterprise content management with its ECM software and EDMS software.

The Document Management Software developed by the company enables preserving of the valuable data and documents which are of high monetary value. In order to take care of the security related aspects of an organization, the company provides a wide range of solutions including smart card, CCTV, Biometric solutions and Door Access control systems. Being a socially responsible corporate, BridgeSol also offers green initiatives for offices which are environment friendly and safe for the planet earth. To ensure a system of fast grievance redressal and higher level of client as well as customer satisfaction in organizations, the company provides Complaint management system to the client organizations.

With a team of well qualified software engineers and highly adept professionals, BridgeSol engages in custom software development on J2EE & Dot Net platforms as per the specific needs of a client or the requirements specific to a particular industry. The mobile solutions which include the latest android applications developed by BridgeSol have been highly appreciated by its clients across different industrial segments.

The high-end solutions developed by the company are dedicated to help organizations face the tough market challenges and encumber their ability to survive in the tough, competitive scenario of today. Proper ECM solutions also result in higher customer satisfaction with the better client services provided to them. These solutions also enable an enterprise to cope up with the growing compliance issues, risk management and the ever-changing corporate scenario. BridgeSol’s Integrated Information Management systems have been well accepted across the different industrial segments. The seamless and instant access provided by the company at highly affordable prices make BridgeSol the preferred choice of several leading enterprises. Further details can be obtained from the website of the company


BridgeSol is the ultimate place to find the latest IT solutions

Leveraging on cutting edge technology, years of experience and extensive expertise, BridgeSol brings to its clients latest IT solutions that help an organization to manage documents, data as well as security related aspects. The company offers Android based Mobile solutions for any industry and business automation processes Complaint management system, EDMS software, ECM software, CCTV solutions, Time attendance solutions, Biometric Solutions, Smart card solutions as well as Green initiatives for offices.

Owing to its well adept team with committed professionals, the company is able to provide the best service to its clients including some of the most reputed names like ETA MELCO, Giordano, Lulu International Exchange, Bin Hendi Enterprises, Axiom telecom, Oman Air, HTC Mobile, Department of Finance, Department of Economic Development and several others. BridgeSol shall also provide services for custom software development as per the specific requirements of a client.

Manage your enterprises well with the latest IT solutions

Running a business enterprise involves managing whole lot of aspects ranging from security to everyday operations, time & attendance of employees, as well as the valuable documents & other content. To help an enterprise take care of all these aspects with the highest level of precision, there are several IT solutions available in the market today. These software and hardware solutions make the task of enterprise content management quite simple. The leading companies in the market develop and supply high end solutions to the clients spread across different industrial segments.

If you are also a part of the corporate world and run an enterprise then you must opt for solutions that can help in improving your workplace productivity and reducing the operational costs. Efficient management of the enterprise is directly related to an increase in the customer satisfaction levels which results in the retention as well as growth in the customer base. Starting with the Enterprise Content Management which involves organizing & storing the documents or other content related to an organization’s processes in a formalized manner, an enterprise requires the latest ECM software so as to make the daunting process simple.

EDMS in combination with ECM solutions can help in preserving the valuable data of your organization in an accurate and precise manner. Sometimes the loss of documents, statistics or other important information may lead to huge financial losses for a company. It is therefore best to have a Document Management Software for the proper organization as well as retrieval of this data. Also, the growing security issues of today’s time have become a matter of concern for the organizations, both big & small. Hence, an organization requires proper security solutions like Door Access control, CCTV solutions, Smart card solutions and Biometric Solutions. Systems like the door access control and biometric solutions provide access to the authorized persons only, so as to maintain a high level of security. Smart card solutions help in keeping a tab on the entries and exits in an organization with the highest accuracy.

The time attendance solutions developed by the IT industry assist in keeping a record of the time & attendance of employees in the most precise manner. These systems are much more reliable than the manual record keeping systems like time attendance registers which were prone to data entry errors as well as tempering and alterations. Some of the leading enterprises also opt for complaint management system so that the grievances of their employees or clients can be properly taken care of and redressed immediately. The companies delivering enterprise content management also provide for custom software development wherein software is specially tailored as per the specific need of that company. Enterprises can even go for mobile solutions like android applications which enable data management and other services on the go.

Hence, the latest IT solutions can provide invaluable assistance in the management of all the facets related to the smooth running of an enterprise.

ECM software developed by BridgeSol helps in effective management of important documents and content

BridgeSol is a well renowned IT company specialized in design & development of Enterprise Content Management solutions. Its ECM software helps in managing important content & documents of an organization in the most effective manner. The company’s revolutionary Document Management Software “eBiziiMS” saves an organization from the loss of valuable data and information.

The company’s products marketed under the name eBiziiMS are extensive yet easy to use so as to provide the maximum convenience to the users. The company also maintains an online presence which enables it to connect with its clients on a 24/7 basis. For further details, log on to

Ensure complete security of your office premises with BridgeSol’s Security Solutions

In today’s time, the security and compliance issues have become very crucial for any organization that is a part of the corporate world. All the enterprises require proper security systems to ensure safety in their office premises and also prevent the entry of unwanted elements. With the graph of corporate crimes going up the need for vigilance & security has also increased. Therefore, it becomes essential to have reliable security solutions for your offices that can save your company from all the undesirable elements.

BridgeSol is a well reputed organization, providing wide range of high-end security solutions includes Biometric, Door Access control, Smart card solutions and CCTV at highly affordable prices. Visit for further details.

Access data and information on the go with the latest mobile solutions offered by BridgeSol

We live in the era of technology where everything is fast paced. With instant data transfers and quick connectivity, people wish to have access to all types of information on the go. Enterprises, both big & small can increase their productivity manifolds with the latest mobile solutions including android solutions offered by BridgeSol. The company also provides Mobile Time Management System which can help track crew on the go.

The wireless mobile solutions provide seamless and affordable access to the most valuable business information at any time and any place. Complete details about the different solutions offered by the company can be obtained from the website