BridgeSol: Providing industry specific solutions

BridgeSol is a customer oriented and highly professional organization providing a wide range of IT, document management and security solutions to different industries. The company has created a name for itself with its impeccable services that are based on reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness. The company has also developed its range of industry specific solutions that are tailored as per the specific requirements of that industry.

BridgeSol caters to different industrial segments like Logistic & Transportation, Human Resources, Education, Healthcare, Government, Financial Service, Construction and Legal. These solutions are engineered to increase the efficiency of the respective industries with lower operational costs and increased productivity.


BridgeSol: Providing the most reliable software development services to business enterprises!

Providing the most cost-effective software solutions, BridgeSol has emerged as one of the most reliable custom software development companies that meet the requirements of small and medium-sized business enterprises. The wide range of products offered by the company includes ECM software, mobile solutions and security solutions that can be easily installed and used. Some of the innovative products offered by the company include eBiziiMS (Integrated Information Management System), MTMS (Mobile Time Management System) and MeXS (Mobile Exchange Service). Apart from these the company offers a slew of security products that include Biometric Solutions, CCTV solutions, time attendance solutions and Smart Card solutions.

BridgeSol: Offering cost-effective IT, document management and security solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises!

BridgeSol is engaged in offering top-quality Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to its clients. The company works with a vision to develop innovative products and services that help business organizations maintain the marketplace competiveness in a cost-effective manner. Providing the best Document Management Systems (DMS), mobile solutions and security solutions, the company caters to all IT and document management requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises.

With its high-quality services, the company has gained the confidence of a large number of clients. BridgeSol acted as main consultant for MultyWave in Backfile Scanning of medical records for Apollo Hyderabad. This Project involved 100 employees for 2 months thereby converting 10 million images. For this they deployed high end Kodak & Avision scanners and also facilitated with BridgeSol’s eBiziiMS DMS for scanning medical records. Success at Apollo paved the way for this consortium to work for Sunshine Hospitals Hyderabad.

When it comes to document management and mobile solutions, every business organization has its own unique requirements. The use of the best IT products can go a long way when it optimization of business potential in a company. Providing tailored solutions that have been developed using the specific requirements of an enterprise in mind, BridgeSol has emerged as one-stop-destination for all document management requirements of business organizations. The company develops and installs the best ECM software keeping in mind the size and requirements of the enterprise in mind.

eBiziiMS is one of the most popular Document Management Software offered by the company that makes it easier for businesses to shift to a less paper environment in a phased and gradual manner. Being a powerful integrated information management system, eBiziiMS makes it easier for the users to easily move between information stored in different parts of the application, thus, making it easier to retrieve the desired documents. eBiziiMS is one of the most reliable Enterprise Content Management software that can help organizations increase their productivity and manage all documents in an orderly manner.

Apart from the document management, the company specializes in security and mobile solutions that play an essential role in smooth functioning of a business enterprise. MTMS (Mobile Time Management System) and MeXS (Mobile Exchange Service) are two of the best Android solutions available in the market that can improve the efficiency of business functions of the organizations. While the MTMS is designed to track crews on the go, MeXS is a set of powerful applications that can increase the profitability of the business.

Some of the reliable security solutions offered by BridgeSol include door access control, Smart Card solutions and CCTV solutions. Additionally, the company offers high-quality Biometric Solutions and time attendance solutions that greatly assist all business organizations when it comes to workforce management. The range of products offered by the company also includes solutions that include complaint management system and PC power management system.

With its top-quality products, the company has established itself as the leading eBiz products supplier in the market. Being one of the best custom software development companies, BridgeSol aims to make the organizations operationally efficient and effective. At, the official website of the company, BridgeSol makes available the complete range of products offered. Extensive yet easy-to-use IT and document management solutions provided by the company help organizations achieve excellence in their business domain.

Install top-quality ECM software and mobile solutions to increase productivity in business organizations!

High productivity is one of the biggest factors that have a direct impact on the overall profitability of business organizations. Ensuring high productivity levels is crucial to the success of all companies. There are many factors that can negatively affect the productivity and severely reduce the ability of a business to succeed in a competitive market. However, with advancements in technologies, numerous products have been made available to the companies that can go a long way when it comes to making any business a success!

From ECM software to complaint management system, the technology provides the much-needed assistance when it comes to managing documents, offering better and improved products and ensuring high customer satisfaction. In the recent years, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has become a familiar term among the corporate circles. ECM software tools are used by the companies to capture, manage and store business documents. Since managing and retrieving the business documents is one of the most hectic and time-consuming activities that can hamper the productivity of the employees, the growing popularity of EDMS software and other document management systems (DMS) is quite understandable. The ability of these software to capture, store and retrieve the documents make document management quite easy for the companies.

While for most business organizations, using reliable ECM software has become a necessity, there are a number of other products as well that can help a business succeed. Technologically-advanced mobile solutions and security solutions not just help a business organization grow but make it more secure and more reliable in the eye of the clients. Android solutions offered by mobile solution providers can help a business improve its efficiency and meet the clients’ expectations effectively.

Security is one of the areas that no organization can afford to ignore. There is a plethora of security products available in the market that meets the time and attendance and workforce management requirements of all types of business organizations. Biometric Solutions, door access control and CCTV solutions are some of the popular security solutions that are commonly used by the companies. Time and attendance solutions and Smart Card solutions provided by software development companies can also prove to be highly useful when it comes to managing the workforce and ensuring workplace security.

All these and more products are available in the market at cost-effective prices. There are a number of custom software development companies that provide tailored solutions to business organizations. Depending upon the size and specific requirements of the businesses, software solution providers offer high-quality customized products that can be easily integrated into the system of business organizations. Installing easy-to-use ECM software and mobile solutions is a cost-effective way to ensure high employee productivity levels greater client satisfaction. With numerous reliable developers making the best software tools easily accessible, it has become convenient for all businesses to face tough challenges posed by a competitive marketplace.

Get the most innovative document management software and other IT products at!

If you’re looking for innovative IT products that can increase the operational efficiency of your business enterprise, you’ve reached the right place! At, we offer all small and medium-sized business enterprises an exclusive range of Document Management Software (DMS), mobile solutions, security solutions and other software solutions at affordable prices. We aim to meet all IT requirements of our clients by delivering configurable business solutions that are simple-to-use. Our ECM software, Biometric solutions, Android solutions, Smart Card solutions, CCTV solutions and other products can be easy installed and used. With high-quality products, BridgeSol assists all enterprises to face competitive business environment in the best way!

BridgeSol: Offering an extensive range of top-quality security solutions to business organizations!

BridgeSol offers you the most extensive range of top-quality security solutions that deliver the best results to small and medium-sized business enterprises. While the Biometric Solutions offered by the company incorporate fingerprint, face and voice recognition, the time and attendance solutions provided by the company is the best timekeeping solution for modern business organizations. Smart Card solutions, door access control and CCTV solutions are some of the other products offered by the company that perfectly meet the security requirements of all businesses. The customers can find a wide variety of products that include ECM software and mobile solutions at