OCM Announces New Partnership With UAE Based Distributor BridgeSol FZCO

OCM is delighted to announce that the OCM print management solution has a new partner in the UAE. BridgeSol FZCO. BridgeSol FZCO will be responsible for all OCM related operations in the GCC region (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Kuwait) as well as Africa and India.

OCM is part of the AIT group which specialises in print management solutions. Peter O’ Farrelly, OCM Divisional Director said ‘We are very excited about this new partnership which supports the global expansion plans of OCM. BridgeSol FZCO is a leading enterprise content management solution provider in the region and their business model aligns very well with OCM’s. We are confident this will be a mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to working with Joga Rao and his team.

OCM offers a comprehensive product portfolio developed to ensure that any organisation can benefit from savings in the print and copy area. We estimate savings of up to 25% can quickly and easily be made and in some organisations this figure will be higher.

The OCM solution is a SQL/Web based system which includes, as standard, a mobile printing solution, secure pull printing, rules based printing, cost recovery/client billing and charge-back functionality as well as a job ticketing option to divert high volume jobs to a print room/reprographics department, other features are also available. 

About OCM:

OCM is an International Company founded in London, UK in 1998 specialising in the tracking of printer usage. In 2013 OCM became part of the AIT Group, strengthening its sales and technical support capabilities. Since then OCM has continued to develop its product portfolio from its birth of print auditing, to full suite of SME solutions; offering bespoke end to end Output Cost Management business solutions presenting manufacturers, service integrators (SI’s)  and/or end users a turnkey solution  that will specifically meet with all corporate directives; increased efficiencies, increased productivity, user authentication, rules based management, print management and fleet management turning cost centres into profit centres while importantly introducing workflow compliance against Data Security Act and Privacy Act.


Thank You for 7 Great Years!

Technology has changed and we adopt quickly to the changing needs..

Last year, we entered the mobile application development, and successfully launched mobile apps for enterprise business addressing the needs of Retail, Trading, Finance, Health and Real estate businesses. Our Mobile apps best suit Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Black berry operating systems thus not leaving any gaps in the offerings.

Year 2013 has also seen successful completion of a SMART CARD BASED solution for 80,000 plus Students & staff in a University with 21 colleges. This solution was completely designed & executed by our TEAM and it comprises of Capturing Student & Staff Data i.e. Finger print, photo, digital signature. Each staff & student are given a high security SMART CARD with 4KB chip and these cards are integrated with Turnstile gate access installed at the college entrance gates for permitting only authorized persons to enter a college campus. This solution also was integrated closely to the payment gateway of the student fees system of a BANK and thus the student card will be valid for access only for the period the student has paid the fees. The smart card also incorporates some advanced physical security features which are only visible under UV light so as to avoid counterfeiting or misuse. This project is envisaged with an aim to secure the college campus from unwarranted acts of external forces.

Our eBiziiMS, Integrated information management system enterprise application software, uses technologies, tools, and methods that can assist to capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver and dispose of ‘documents’ across an enterprise. eBiziiMS handles a myriad of information assets including images, office documents, graphics, and drawings as well as the new electronic objects such as Web pages, email, instant messages, and video.  We have adapted quickly to the changing therefore our eBiziiMS V6.0 version allows an enterprise to deploy the solution for access even from a MOBILE PHONE besides the regular Laptop & desktop computers without the need of installing any additional software or tools. Hence in a true sense providing ” information on demand not when it arrives but when it is needed”. Integration & improvement never stops in any software product cycle development so is the case with our EDMS solution too. Today we can confirm that our solution has many if not all of the demanding features than an Enterprise EDMS solution must have to name a few Barcode capture, digital signatures, Email Archive, Active directory integration, API’s for 3rd Party Applications i.e. ERP, multiple language support, Bulk scan & upload, Responsive Web interface for easy access from any browser or device including a mobile phone or PDA etc–.

Besides EDMS, we also address the needs of Security solutions like Door access control, Time Attendance management, Electronic key management, Smart card applications, Student management systems, Turnstile gates, CCTV,   etc in the most cost effective manner.

We at Bridgesol  represent M/S Matica Technologies one of the worlds reputed ID card printer manufacturers for their complete range of ID card printers, laminators, Encoders, Passport printers and Scanners etc. We also represent ACTAtek UK Ltd, ALLEGION- SCHLAGE, ZK Technology  for their Finger print, Face recognition, Hand punch based Time attendance solutions and Morse key watchman for electronic Key management System, Eye view, Sony, Bosch & Pelco  for CCTV solutions

Working closely with its partners, Bridge Sol has been able to serve the needs of a vast number of clients across Middle East, Africa & Indian sub continent and has thus been able to build a huge client base.

Thank You for 7 Great Years!

Thank You for 7 Great Years!

We look forward to growing this partnership..

Team Bridgesol

Certificate of Thanks from Department of Economic Development, Ras Al Khaimah

Certificate of Thanks

Department of Economic Development

BridgeSol- The most trusted name for IT, Document Management and Security solutions

BridgeSol is one of the leading enterprises in the UAE known for its impeccable IT, Document Management and Security solutions. The company has been catering to several small & medium enterprises by helping them achieve greater efficiency in their business processes. The solutions offered by BridgeSol are targeted at bringing efficiency in various business activities then be it related to the content, human resources or security of the organization. Some of the highly demanded products manufactured by BridgeSol include eBiziiMS –EDMS software, Android based mobile application and biometric solutions. The company has also recently launched its request management system and hospital information management system. To know more about these systems visit http://bridgesol.com/products.html without any delay.

BridgeSol- A leading IT solution provider in UAE

A leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Security solutions provider, BridgeSol has created a name for itself in the industry. Be it the superior quality products, impeccable solutions or the dedicated customer service the company stands high on all.  BridgeSol has been catering to a large number of small and medium enterprises by delivering extensive and simple to use solutions for better management of various business related processes and activities. Their products which are primarily marketed under the name eBiz products are built on open standard architecture offering features and functionalities that enable organizations in becoming operationally efficient.

The company offers a whole range of products i.e. eBiziiMS- Integrated Information Management System & eBizTMS- Workforce Time Management System, eBizCCMS- Customer complaint management system, MTMS – Mobile Time Management System, MexS – Mobile Exchange services and many more custom developed mobile applications! Owing to the architecture and precise developmental methodologies the products of BridgeSol guarantee robustness, high performance, scalability and reliability. The organization provides products under three main categories namely- Enterprise content Management solutions, Security Solutions and Mobile Solutions.

The company has also assisted several organizations in improving their security systems by providing Biometric based Door Access control, Time Attendance and related Smart card and CCTV solutions. Their Customer complaint management system is best suited for better and effective management of customer complaints, which fits into any business or industry be it Retail or utilities service provider. BridgeSol specializes in providing industry specific solutions to a multitude of industries like Retail, Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Government, Financial Services, Human Resources, Construction and Legal. The company also engages itself in custom software development to suit specific requirements of a client. The customized solutions help in integrating business processes specific to an enterprise and supplying chain efficiency. All the software and solutions offered by BridgeSol are targeted at increasing the productivity and reducing operational costs with true enterprise intelligence. These have been designed keeping in mind the need of the current times and modern day concerns related to efficiency, corporate governance & security.

Other solutions offered by the company include a PC Power Management System which is known for its high functionality and measurable results best suitable for organizations who wants to show their CSR commitments by way of cutting on carbon emissions with very minimal effort!  The mission of the organization is to provide comprehensive IT, document management and security solutions that can greatly empower the client organizations. The vision which motivates BridgeSol to move forward is to proactively develop innovative products & services addressing growing needs of the Digital Information World (DIW).

A highly appreciable factor of BridgeSol is its ethical conduct and the high moral values on which the company stands. The firm is known for its honesty, integrity and fairness in relationships with the patrons as well as employees and shareholders. The team at BridgeSol comprises adept and highly dedicated professionals who strive to work for the success of the company. Being a socially responsible corporate, BridgeSol does every bid possible for the environment and has also developed green initiatives for offices. To know more about the company, visit http://bridgesol.com.

Latest mobile solutions can help your business grow

Mobile phones are the most potent tools available at the hands of mankind today. From conversations to entertainment and professional work, mobile phones are used for all purposes. Their portability and integration of various media into one compact device make them the gadgets of the time. Nowadays mobile solutions are available in the market that can help in taking control of various business processes and activities. With over 65%+ Android based devices in the market, these solutions are best suitable for managing & automating business process in an enterprise effectively and efficiently. To know more about reliable mobile solutions, visit http://bridgesol.com/Mobilesolutions.html.

Preserve the valuable data of your organization with EDMS software offered by BridgeSol

As per the statistics large organizations lose a document every twelve seconds which implies .67 per cent of data loss for the company. Business workers are also known to misfile 2-7 per cent of all records as confirmed by several researches. If you wish to save your organization from such blunders then it is time that you opt for suitable enterprise content management software. BridgeSol as a leading developer & supplier of content management software brings forth its eBiziiMS – EDMS software. This software is built on open standard architecture offering features and functionalities that enable organizations in becoming operationally efficient and effective.